Professor PowerPoint Recommendations

Freshman year, my EMB Intro to Broadcasting professor would sometimes “cancel class” and instead of having a live, in person lesson, he would send us links to video versions of his lessons and PowerPoints he had uploaded to Vimeo…
These “lessons” were literally just screen captures of him going through the PowerPoints while talking into a microphone… And they were anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half long! Painfully boring! (Big surprise, most of us didn’t watch them)

While I was watching one, I noticed the Vimeo page stated that the videos were over a year old, meaning that he didn’t even create them for our class, he created them for the class he taught the year before! Very lazy, but understandable I guess.

I also noticed that several of these videos had the comments enabled, so I decided to have a little fun and I created a Vimeo account named “X-Wing@Aliciousness” (yes, from Key and Peele!) and made some comments to hopefully liven up the videos for future students he assigns the videos too!

comments video 1

Hopefully he noticed the comments as he was posting the videos again the next year! Hah!


Author: Jared K

Prank artist, chainsaw juggler, Marsupial extraordinaire, VHS-remote collector/connoisseur, ice sculpture repair technician and generally a real cool cat.

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